Anabella Guagliardo

Conscious Healing

Adiinai is the name of the Beloved Presence I Am (Higher Self) of Anabella Guagliardo,

It is also one of the 72 names of Goddess that Anabella channels and uses in her personal therapies, group workshops and planetary healing that she teaches.

She currently offers Amaranta Method Therapies and is a guide of the Amaranta Path.


Therapies of encounter with one's own Divinity

10 years of experience sharing healing and personal development workshops for men and women in different countries of America and Europe.

Strengthening ties and helping to rediscover the forgotten potentials of the Goddess / God that inhabits each human being.

From the loving assistance of her guides Isis and Amaranta.

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Amaranta Method

It is about looking for the root of the problem and solving from the origin until the present moment, the conflicts the consultant presents, this can be in past lives, genealogical tree, conception, maternal womb, inner child, etc. Keep reading...


Discover your own Divinity

The first course of the Amaranta Method is called Path. It includes powerful activations, theoretical teachings about The Method and exercises as well as instructions for performing cleanses and healings.


The Path is a conscious healing technique, a wonderful tool for spiritual growth whose goal is to help us manifest our Higher Self or Inner Divinity. Keep reading...


Love's power

Circles of Women: generating emotional support net among women.

Ovarian Respiration: female self-healing technique.

Sacred Sexuality: work of liberation of blocks and conscious recognition of one's own sexuality. Keep reading...


Anabella Guagliardo

Anabella Verónica Guagliardo, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 11, 1972.
As a child she began her interest in spiritual and esoteric subjects, reading books and practicing Mind Control, Gems, Astral Travel, etc.
She had a Catholic education until she was 23 years old then received her first teachings from a hindu teacher. At age 24 she found Tibetan Buddhism with Lama Gangchen and Geshe Newang Sherap, who were her teachers for 20 years. With them she received powerful initiations and the Tantric practices of Self-Healing and Environmental Healing.
The beginning of her therapeutic life was sharing Reiki Usui in 1999 and then training as an Ovarian Respiration and Sacred Sexuality Therapist with Sajeeva Hurtado in 2011, sharing these therapies and workshops in different places in Argentina and Spain for many years, focused on empowerment of women's groups.
She then received training for the opening of Akashic Records, Essenia Healing, Theta Healing and finally she learned the Amaranta Method, a technique she continues to develop as a therapist and guide of the Amaranta Path.

She received the mission of sowing the cosmic DNA on Earth, currently taking this healing energy to different places of South America and North America.

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